Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Minx

The Minx released the upbeat debut single 'No Friends' in June this year. They have play a number of gigs including some high profile support slots and on Friday will support 'Bad Manners' at Band on the Wall, Manchester. Their fan base continues to grow as they play gigs across the country.

Recently the band played at Kendal Calling. A early slot on the main stage would not normal attract much attention but The Minx pulled in a decent crowd. The music is a refreshing mix of punk,ska and northern soul and sees the band being describe as 'the sound of modern British youth'

The Minx also have their own excellent iphone app with exclusive content, news,music and videos. You can download it here!

Who is in the band?

There's 5 of us, Chris Haddon on vocals/guitar, Paul Robinson on guitar, Kieran McIntyre on keys, Chucky Stuttard on Bass and Andy Evans who hits things ( not people though !) .

Where are you from?

4 of us all grew up together in Wythenshawe, Paul's a Stockport lad but it's only down the road.There's a few great bands from around our way, must be something in the water but they are lovely places!

How did you get together?

Well, as the majority of us grew up together, we've known each other since we were about 2ft tall (expect Chucky, he was born 6ft), we all messed about with music in school and played in bands as youngsters, but we met Paul (guitarist) in college and we decided to give it a proper go. We had our heads screwed on a little firmer and all fell into the same music groups/styles together, so it just naturally happened and progressed really.

Where can we find your music?

We've just launched our brand new 'The Minx' iPhone app (available on Android soon as well), it's a free app which can be downloaded from the app store, it's automatically updated with all new material, shows, news etc, there's also an "Exclusive" tab coming soon which will be full of exclusive content like remixes, demos, loads of stuff. Failing that, Facebook/theminxband , twitter @TheMinxBand and are your best bets. Although we've been told you can hear us in service stations up and down the country so if you're stopping for a bacon sarnie or a coffee keep your ears open. Best place to hear us is to get on I-tunes and download the single and have a good old bop failing that get yourself down to a show and we'll see you at the front.

How much did you enjoy your main stage set at Kendal Calling?

Bloody loved it. It was a great pleasure and quite a shock to have been asked to play the main stage. There were some great acts and inspirations sharing the same stage as us over the weekend, so we had a big position to fill. It's the biggest stage we have played but the energy carried across and as you say we "smashed it"! We love intimate little shows but now we have the taste for the main stages those big ol' bands need to watch their backs.

Did you get chance to see any other bands at Kendal Calling?

Loads! We played on the Friday and stayed until the Monday as a bit of a band weekend away. Some cracking bands, a few highlights would be James, TOY, The Lottery Winners, Hyde & Beast, and definitely Edwyn Collins & Roddy Frame performing A Girl Like You acoustically in a little log cabin. Brilliant.

Have you got any gigs coming up?

Our next show is a local show at Band On The Wall in Manchester on 17th August, we're playing along side Bad Manners. We've got so many pencilled dates over the next few months which are very nearly confirmed, all dotted over the UK including a lot of places we've never been to before. If you keep checking our App, or Facebook/Twitter, all new dates will be updated on there as and when.

What was the last album you listened to you?

We've had The Housemartins/Beautiful South 'Soup' combined greatest hits on repeat in the car for god knows how long. Some outstanding tunes and the production's ace. But we're always finding new stuff to fall in love with and that's ace.

If there is one thing we should know about The Minx what would it be?

Kieran likes to build ponds in his back garden in his spare time.

What's next for The Minx?

As many live shows as we can fit in , hopefully we have a few dates in London, Scotland and around the UK so check the Facebook page and of course we will be back  in the studio very soon! We've been working hard promoting our debut release "No Friends" (Now available on iTunes/Amazon), but we're back in the studio in the coming months with a second release planned before the year is out. We can't wait. You'll love it.

Watch out for a tour and debut album from The Minx later this year, You can find the band here:

 Twitter    Facebook    Soundcloud     iphone app

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