Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mutineers: Friends, Lovers, Rivals

Once described as 'Manchester's best kept secret' Mutineers are no longer a secret. Their debut album, FRIENDS,LOVERS,RIVALS released via itunes has established them as one of the next great bands to come out of the city.
A headline gig at Manchester's Sound Control on 28th September 2012 will see a close to the first chapter of Mutineers. It's going to be a party to celebrate the success of the bands debut album before they return to the studio to start recording their second album. This could be the last chance to see the band for a while make sure you don't miss out.

We caught up with the band to find out more about what they have been up to and whats next for them.

Who are Mutineers?

A band formed in Manchester UK 3 years ago.

Where are you from?

Manchester / Denmark / Cornwall. We're vaguely international but just saying Manchester would suffice ;)

Can you give us a brief background to the band?

We came together 1st and foremost as drinking friends who were all feeling quite vexed about how things were going in the projects we were involved with at the time...we were all in our mid 20s and it just seemed a good time to start afresh with a new band,new songs and new outlook.

How would you describe your music?

Listening back to the album now,i think you can hear the vibrancy in what we were doing at the time of writing and rehearsing it out. It sounds like a debut album, brimming with vitality and hopes for the future...the songs are all very melodic and full of hooks.

You have an album out, where can we find it?

You can grab it over at itunes...just type in friends,lovers,rivals.

Anywhere else we can find your music?

Just the usual places. If you're unemployed...or a student without rich parents, feel free to listen online for free over on spotify or soundcloud...although, make sure you come to a show...and buy a t-shirt on the way out ;)

Are you playing any festivals this summer?

Not this summer I'm afraid, we're spending time getting gig ready for the Manchester show in September and working on the 2nd album.

Whats the biggest gig you have played so far?

We did some great shows before the album came out...most notable the supports with The View,Pete Doherty, Bad Lieutenant and Wintersleep.

Whats next for the Mutineers?

We're going to use this show in September as both a celebration of the underground success of the 1st album and a pointer towards the future, so we'll be playing the best known tracks from the record and then a few of the new tracks that we've been working on these past few months.

Tell us something we wont know about the Mutineers?

Our rider requirements usually include Socks, Underpants, White towels,Pickled Eggs and a life size cardboard cutout of Timmy Mallett

Sound Control Tickets

Friends, Lovers, Rivals on itunes

Mutineers on MySpace

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