Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Tennysons

The Tennysons describe themselves as 'The new voice of Leicester's working class youth' They play in your face punk rock and roll music. The band's influences include, Cockney Rejects, Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Twang, The Sex Pistols. The band have been together for nearly a year and have a loyal following in Leicester.

Who is in the band and where are you from?

We've got me (Ryan Dunn) on vocals and guitar, Ben Woolley aka the beast on the drums and Max Stafford attempts to play the bass! And we are all LEICESTER boys.

How did the band get together?

I started doing a few acoustic gigs round Leicester and me and Max have been pals for years so got him on board and then Ben is our third drummer but he's doing a top job so far.

George Smith - The Tennysons by The Tennysons

Where does the bands name come from?

It's after the English poet, Alfred Lord Tennysons, me mate from Lincoln came up with it when we used to have a bit of a jam years ago and it stuck.

When did you play your first gig?

Our first gig was at a boozer called The Abbey. Quality night that was, absolutely packed and went on till about 4 in the morning. Everyone loved it.

Have you played many gigs outside of your home town?

A few. We've played a few scooter rallies round the country and got a few more lined up very soon.

Sometimes - The Tennysons by The Tennysons

How difficult have you found it to get the recognition from national press?

Very Difficult. It's a joke. Even local press ain't been writing about us yet. There too busy with 'indie' bands and the next big pop act and we feel we deserve a bit more support from 'em. There is a website called Arts In Leicestershire though that know what they are taking about and have gave us some banging reviews.

Where was your EP recorded?

It was recorded at Yellow Bean studios in Leicester. Well pleased with what they did with it. Still sounds raw as fuck and it's booming.

What other bands have you been listening to?

There ain't many 'newer' bands that I'm really that into. I'm liking Miles Kane's album ain't heard The Twangs new stuff yet but looking forward to that album.

Sometimes - The Tennysons by The Tennysons

What was the first single/album you bought?

The Filbert Fox song on tape. Classic (BD:Google it, I did)

Where can we catch you live? 

We're playing at the 02 Academy Leicester with Modern Faces on the 22nd September and we've got a big headline gig at the Soundhouse Leicester on the 6th October which is gonna be a banging night.

What's next for The Tennysons

Just gonna keep hammering away at it and hopefully someone will open there eyes and do something about it man and Ben Woolley our drummer is getting a gig wig so look out for that too.

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Liar Liar - The Tennysons by The Tennysons

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