Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mercury 13

Liverpool's Mercury 13 are due to release the excellent debut single 'Searchlight' b/w 'Again! Again! Again!' on 15th October 2012. The band will also play live dates in Liverpool, London and Manchester to coinside with the single release. The band have already played a number of gigs and festivals and have supported some of the North West best artists.

Described bythe Liverpool Echo as “One of the best bands to come out of the city in years” 2012 should be a big year for Mercury 13!

Who is in the band?

Mel Bowen (vox, guitars), Nonny (keys, brass, backing vox), Gary Hart (bass, backing vox), Rooky (drums, percussion)

Where are you from?

We come from all over the NW… Liverpool, Wirral and Bolton.

What's the story so far?

We’ve been writing, rehearsing and gigging for a while now. It’s been going really well and we’ve received lots of positive publicity. We’ve also been lucky enough to play with musicians whom we admire and respect, such as John Bramwell from ‘I Am Kloot’, John Head from ‘Shack’, Pete Wylie and Field Music, whom we supported during Liverpool Music week.

We’re currently recording our debut album which will be entitled “Clubhouse for the Ordinary” at our own recording studio on Merseyside, Shabby Road Studios.

How would you describe your sound? 

This is the question every band member always dislikes. It’s always difficult to describe your own sound. It’s much easier when other people do it for you and so far we’ve been informed that we sound like XTC meets Love meets Style Council.
How much does where you come from influence your music?

How much does where you come from influence your music?

Coming from the North West, we’re blessed with the juxtaposition of gritty realism and lyrical daydreaming! We’re influenced greatly by this area; a proud working class area which has experienced so much political strife, but has always stood up and fought back. We’re proud of that. Similarly, as a band we are really influenced by so many great artists, bands and musicians that have come from the NW. If you think about how many world-changing bands have come from this small, urban corner of England – it’s amazing really. So much brilliant music has been created by people from this area! What was it that Ian Brown recently said that he has always thought of Liverpool and Manchester as being the ends of one great city and about giving London a run for its money. Great sentiment. And right too in the musical world.

Over the years some of the greatest bands have come from the North West what do you think the secret is?

It must be our diet of potatoes, peas and gravy! No, the North West has always been a destination place or an arrival point for so many people over the years, whether it be Irish immigrants escaping poverty, or Europeans setting off for a new life to America or Australia. There’s always been a constant influx and flow of different cultures, races, creeds and religions coming in or out of the NW; Liverpool was such a vibrant port and the ship canals importing and exporting cotton and so on. The whole NW has always had eyes on international lands and this has contributed to the area’s unique musical lifeblood. Don’t forget, it was the Cunard Yanks who first imported American Rock n Roll, R&B and Blues into the UK through Liverpool Port during the 1950s.
How has the band been received outside of Liverpool? 

Great so far. People who’ve seen us or heard some of the promo stuff have been full of praise.

You've got a new single coming out 'Searchlight' are there plans for an album to follow it?

Our debut single is to be released on 15th October; a double A-side, 45-rpm vinyl and download release: “Searchlight” c/w “Again! Again! Again!” on ‘Cooking Soup Records – Purveyors of Quality Entertainment.’ Our debut album “Clubhouse for the Ordinary” will be released soon after.
Where can we catch you live?
Our forthcoming gigs are at the Dovedale Social in Liverpool (Oct 18th), Brixton Grosvenor, London (Oct 20th), Manchester Castle (Nov 17th). But, before then we have our debut single launch coming up in October at a secret location in Liverpool.

What’s next for Mercury 13?

Keep on keepin’ on!


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