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Carter USM Interview and Top 10 with Jim Bob!

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine formed in 1988, released 7 studio albums including '30 Something', '1992 - The Love Album' and 'Post Historic Monsters'. 17 Singles from 1988's 'Sheltered life' to 1995's 'Born Of The 5th Of November'. The bands live shows attracted a hardcore following of loyal fans. Playing Reading in 1991, the band were the highlight of the festival.

In 1998 the band split up and went on to work on their own projects. In 2001 Jim Bob and Fruitbat toured as 'Who's The Daddy Now?' The pair's two bands, Jim's Super Stereoworld and Fruitbat's Abdoujaparov, would play a set each, after which the pair combined to perform a number of Carter USM songs.

In 2007 Carter USM performed 2 farewell gigs. The gigs marked the start of a annual appearance from Carter USM, including playing their first 4 albums in full over 2 nights. This year Carter USM play 3 gigs in London, Leeds and Glasgow, with tickets for the Glasgow gig selling out in 9 minutes.
Jim Bob has released 3 books 'Goodnight Jim Bob: On the road with Carter USM', 'Storage Stories' and the recent 'Driving Jarvis Ham'

Hey Jim Bob, how are you and where are you?

Hello. I'm pretty good at the moment thanks. I'm at home in the garden, about to go in though as its getting a bit windy.

How are plans for the forthcoming Carter USM gigs going?
Things are beginning to come together now. We start rehearsing next week and we'll rehearse once a week right up until the gigs, so that it feels as natural as possible to be performing as a band and not like we're suddenly doing something alien that we haven't done for ages. We've had a lighting meeting and I've bought some shirts. We're also thinking of special things to add to the gigs to make them different.
What's Carter's most outrageous rider demand?
To be honest we don't really have any. Maybe because we don't do gigs very often. It's just a lot of drink and food. The first time we got back together the sudden jump in rider size did catch me out a bit and I panicked and ended up getting incredibly drunk after the gig and acting like it was 1992.
What the best untrue rumour you have heard about Carter?
When the Arctic Monkeys started to get somewhere word did get around that we wrote their songs. I almost started to believe it myself. People would ask me if it was true and I never denied it because it was more fun not to. I'm not saying that we didn't  write their songs by the way.
How did you get into writing books, was it a natural progression from writing lyrics?
Initially I wrote my Carter autobiography, which I enjoyed and so decided to attempt some fiction. I don't find it particularly easy to write but I do get the same buzz from finishing a book that I used to get from making an album. I think the way I write in fairly self contained chapters is a result of my songwriting upbringing.
Where does the inspiration for your books come from?
Tiny ideas come from people I know or see or hear about and they then get exaggerated and changed until they bear no relation to what they started out as. And once a story gets going it does take on a life of its own to a certain extent.
What bands have you been listening to recently?
Not a lot of new stuff I'm afraid. The Jam and Elvis Costello, Rod Stewart, Tom Waits.

What was the first record you bought?
John Lennon 'Imagine'.
After the Carter gigs whats next for Jim Bob?
I don't know exactly. I'm going to try and finish the book I'm writing now. The paperback of Driving Jarvis Ham comes out next year, so I'm hoping that will do ok. I might do some solo touring. That kind of stuff. I constantly write notes of things that I have to do. On my current list it says 'Next year?' I have literally nothing in my diary after November 9th.
Jim Bob's Top 10 Carter USM songs:
1. Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
2. England
3. The Music that Nobody Likes
4. The Only Living Boy in New Cross
5. Sheriff Fatman
6. Falling on a Bruise
7. Travis
8. Glam Rock Cops
9. Nowhere Fast
10. Do Re Me So Far So Good
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