Friday, 17 August 2012

On The Road With The Subways

The Subways play Reading / Leeds festival 2012 at the the end of this month followed by a UK tour. We caught up with drummer Josh Morgan and asked him about life on the road.

It's festival season again, whats makes Reading/Leeds festival special for the band?

Billy and Charlotte went to Reading festival as punters a year or two before we first played (unfortunately i couldn't afford to go!). Since then we strived to one day be on the festival line up, like it was an initiation into becoming a real band. We played 2004, and to perform where Billy and Charlotte once saw The Von Bondies was quite an experience for us. Its really reflective of how strange and unpredictable the industry is.

Can you remember much about the first time you played Reading?

It was a long time ago, but i do remember being nervous. The anticipation of playing the biggest festival local to us was an overwhelming experience. I loved every minute of it.

Will you get a chance to catch any other bands over the weekend?

I hope to catch The Hives and Future Of The Left. Fingers crossed that i find the time. There's no better way to prepare for a show than to watch a favourite band whilst sipping a casual beer.

Have you got a favourite festival you like playing?

I tend to favour smaller festivals nowadays. Like 2000 Trees, Y Not Festival or Cockermouth Festival. For me atmosphere plays a huge part and these offer a relaxed, family oriented feel. God, i sound really old.

Your back on the road with a UK tour in September/October, how much are you looking forward to that?

I cant wait to get back to playing clubs. I do love festivals, but i do miss the sweaty, stale stench of a club! Earlier this year on about the 40th show of our club tour i said "man, i cant wait to play festivals and soak in the fresh air and see loads of bands", but now after tons of festivals I'm thinking back the other way! The grass is always greener...

What's the one thing you cannot live without on tour?

Video games. Impossible to tour without. I actually think i would lose my mind.

What's on The Subways rider? Have you every put an outrageous on you rider and it's been delivered?

We are as polite as we can be with the rider. At the moment it's the standard beer and snacks with a small request for the promoter to make a compilation of his favourite songs for us. We have asked for photos of our favourite actors in the past, nothing too outrageous. I was thinking of asking for an animal from each promoter and start a farm in the bus.

What plans have the band got after the tour?

We will continue writing, but take a small hiatus. We haven't had a break in years and i think it is due. I plan to get a little education and spend time with my family. We are very exited about our new songs and we plan to record them all ourselves when we are ready.

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Catch The Subways on tour in the UK:

24/08/12 Reading Festival
25/08/12 Leeds Festival
22/09/12 HMV Picture House Edinburgh
28/09/12 O2 Academy Sheffield
29/09/12 Engine Shed Lincoln
30/09/12 Central Station Wrexham
05/10/12 O2 Academy Glasgow
06/10/12 O2 Academy Newcastle
07/10/12 Sugarmill Stoke
12/10/12 Roadmender Northampton
13/10/12 O2 Academy Oxford
19/10/12 O2 Academy Birmingham
20/10/12 O2 Academy Leicester
26/10/12 O2 Academy Bristol
27/10/12 O2 Academy Leeds

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