Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tall Ships


Tall Ships are a 3 piece band from Falmouth, Cornwall. Having already caught the attention of the national media, the band are due to headline the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend. The band have also released 2 singles this year T=0 and Gallop both available from itunes
The bands debut album 'Everything Touching' is due for release on 8th October 2012

Who is in the band and where are you from?
Ric and Jamie who are from Brighton and Matt who is from Worcester. Tall Ships as band is from Falmouth.

Does the place you come from influence your music?

Falmouth was a really good place for us to start out. It's an incredibly creative place with loads of interesting people doing interesting things. It was great to exist within its little bubble whilst we decided what kind of band we wanted to be.

How good does it feel to be headlining the Introducing Stage at Reading/Leeds festival?

Pretty amazing. We all went as teenagers so to be headlining a stage their is just un-real. The fact we can say we clashed with the Foo Fighters is pretty ridiculous.

Is this your biggest gig to date?

I would say it is probably the most significant. It's an opportunity to play to loads of people who wont know us and having the backing and coverage that BBC Introducing gives we'll hopefully reach out to new people who haven't heard of us before

How did you get involved with BBC Introducing?

We did a session for Huw Stephens a very long time ago which was fun. Jen Long has also championed us a bit which we're incredibly thankful for!

Have you played many festivals this year and do you enjoy playing festivals?

Pretty much every weekend! We really enjoy it. We turn up, get given food vouchers, free beer, play for 30 mins and then get to enjoy the rest of the festival. We've had some surreal experiences and met some awesome people this summer.

Your debut album 'Everything Touching' is released on 8th October, what can we expect from it?

10 songs in to which we've poured everything we possibly could. It's an honest and ambitious record in our opinion, we really didn't hold anything back.

How long did it take to record the album and where was it recorded?

We recorded it between August 2011 and April 2012 in Bovey Tracey in Devon. We recorded it at the producer James Elliot Fields home studio. It was a beautiful location to record. We ate pasties and made music, it was immense. We also did some recording at mine and Jamies old primary school hall where we recorded 40 people singing for the ending track Murmurations.

Who are the bands main influences?

There are loads. I think the bands that had a huge influence on us when we we're teenagers (Biffy Clyro, Hundred Reasons, Muse Hell Is For Heroes, Brand New etc etc) have really shaped our approach to making music. But past that bands like Battles and Sigur Ros have also really influenced our sound. It's all a bit over the place really. Come to think of it, our sound is a huge mix of hundreds of different influences piled together in the hope of making something fresh.

If someone has not heard your music, what's the first track they should listen to?

T=0. That's the opening track on the album and really sums up what we're about musically and lyrically as a band.

Are you going out on tour to support the release of the album?

Yes throughout October. We're playing all over the country. The dates are on our website

Is there anything people would be surprised to know about the band?

Lots, but that would be telling...

You can pre-order Tall Ships debut album 'Everything Touching' here

Tall Ships are also on Facebook  twitter & Soundcloud

Thanks to Ric from Tall Ships for answering our questions!

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