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twitter.com/DotsAndLoopsMcrWhere can we find Dots and Loops?

The next Dots & Loops will be at Kraak Gallery on August 3rd. We start at 11pm and go on til 4am. You can expect to find us there again at some point in September.

How long have you been around?

6 years. We started out at Font and have since been in Cord, Tiger Lounge, Kro 2, Tiger Lounge again, Cord again, M20, Fuel and lots of other places. It’s certainly been interesting, if not exhausting. I remember a particularly rough evening at a place called Overdraught, I don’t think it’s still there. Some of the old timers will remember we used to be called ‘One Step More & You Die’, but I think naming it after a Mono album gave people the wrong idea. It’s not all Stars of The Lid and Mogwai yunno....

What should we expect at Dots and Loops?

A lot of drinking and a lot of Guided by Voices... Shoegaze, Indie, Electronica, Kraut-Rock,Psych, Post-Punk. Wire followed by Kraftwerk followed by Pulp followed by Loop followed by Neil Young...It’s a mixed bag. There’ll be some Reggae too, just whatever takes our mood at the time. I just found out on twitter that not everyone likes ‘You Can Call Me Al’, so maybe we will leave that at home this time. Great song though isn’t it? It’s hard to sum it up, but you can see the full list of what we play over at facebook.com/onestepmore. It’s gonna be a pretty upbeat affair this time round. After 6 years, we want everyone to be up for it from the first til the last track. I’m not sure what to play first, it’sbeen on my mind a fair bit this time. Maybe ‘How You Satisfy Me’ by Spectrum...I like the idea of kicking off with the Beastie Boys though, kinda sets the tone doesn’t it?

Do you have a dress code?

Absolutely not.

Who is behind the decks?

There are 2 of us who promote and run the night, but this month we will have guest DJs from ‘Plank!’ They’re an instrumental rock group from round here and they’re excellent.I think they’re on the BBC tonight with Marc Riley We don’t have DJ names, just James and Mat will do. I wouldn’t mind taking on the name Lion Eno though. One day...

What's special about Dots and Loops?

I hesitate a bit with this one. Not sure it’s my place to say what’s special about my own night. I’d like to think people think it’s doing stuff that some nights don’t do. Manchester is a great place for going out and hearing good music, but maybe some other nights don’t play as wide a variety of stuff. I’m not sure, it’s up to you. It’s exactly what I would be looking for in a night,so hopefully that means some other people think that too. We’ve been going 6 years, so that’s a good sign.

What's been the highlight of Dots and Loops?

We’ve done a lot of nights now, and there’s been some great evenings. I remember our 1st birthday was pretty special. Starting out when I was just 18 with not much clue about it all, I didn’t really expect to reach a year, let alone 6! I remember a night at Cord after an Animal Collective show that got really packed, that was a lot of fun. DJing with ‘...and you will know us by the trail of dead’ was pretty wild. They’re coming back over in October, maybe we can do that again... This next night at Kraak will be the highlight though, I’m 100% about that.

Anything else you think we should know?

Brian Eno’sfull name is Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la SalleEno
We ruin twitter over at twitter.com/dotsandloopsmcr
You can RSVP our event here... http://www.facebook.com/events/370627229657191/

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