Thursday, 19 July 2012

Elbow - Dead In The Boot

Dead In The Boot, will be the next release from Manchester heroes elbow.
The album is a compilation of b sides from the debut album 'Alseep in the back'
up to the band's last album 'Build A Rocket Boys' The album is due for release on Monday 27th August.

It will feature 13 tracks:

1 'Whisper Grass' ('Fallen Angel' - V2 single release)
2 'Lucky With Disease' ('Newborn' - V2 single release)
3 'Lay Down Your Cross' ('Not A Job' - V2 CD Single)
4 'The Long War Shuffle' ('Leaders Of The Free World' - V2 CD Single)
5 'Every Bit The Little Girl' ('One Day Like This' - Fiction 7" single)
6 'Love Blown Down' ('Fugitive Motel' - V2 CD Single)
7 'None One' ('Newborn' - Uglyman CD EP)
8 'Lullaby' ('One Day Like This' - Fiction CD Single)
9 'McGreggor' ('Forget Myself' - V2 7" single)
10 'Buffalo Ghosts' ('Open Arms' - Fiction 10" Single)
11 'Waving From Windows' ('Grace Under Pressure' - V2 CD Single)
12 'Snowball' (From 'Help - A Day In The Life' - Warchild album release)
13 'Gentle As' ('Leaders Of The Free World' - V2 7" single)

More information on pre ordering the album can found here

Elbow's back catalogue is currently available for £4.99 on itunes.

Also watch out for a planned DVD release of the bands recent Jodrell Bank gig.

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