Monday, 30 July 2012

The Slow Readers Club - Top 10 Albums

The Slow Readers Club released their debut album in May this year, following on from the release of the singles 'Sirens' and 'Feet On Fire' In our first 'Top 10' we asked the bands guitarist Kurtis Starkie for his Top 10 albums. Kurtis also give us an insight in to why these albums made it into his Top 10.

The Beatles – Revolver
This album has been my favourite since I first got into The Beatles and I remember learning loads of the guitar lines when I was a kid. There have been bands that I've discovered since and been obsessed with for a period of time but for me nobody has matched the Beatles or this album for song writing. The Beatles have come close :)

The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
This is a beautiful album and I think the best by The Smiths.  All the songs are
great and it's amazing lyrically.

The Stone Roses –The Stone Roses
Coolest band ever simple as that! Musically amazing, brilliant songs and nice production too!

Nirvana – Nevermind
This was a band I really got into in my early teens. Kurt Cobain is one of my favourite writers and he conveyed emotion really well in his music. As an album it's pretty flawless, great variety and most importantly great songs.

Radiohead – Ok Computer
This is a masterpiece! Beautiful production and Radiohead's finest hour in my opinion.

Michael Jackson - Thriller
I was a mad Jacko fan as a kid, It’s brilliant pop music and this album has loads of great songs on it.remember my Dad buying this for me on vinyl at a car boot sale. I didn't stop playing it for ages. Billie Jean is still one of my favourite tunes ever. This is actually an album the other lads in the band would agree on too!

David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
So many great tunes on this. Bowie has loads of good albums and singles too but this one is the most cohesive for me.

Pixies – Doolittle
I got into The Pixies late. I heard ‘Where is my mind’ at the end of Fight Club and thought, shit that guitar sounds amazing! I then bought Surfa Rosa which was hard to get into at first but that's what's great about The Pixies. Once you get into them you realise how clever the songs are.

Love - Forever Changes
This is really interesting album, very textured and considered but with an ambient feel. It sounds very live and is full of energy. They're only the band The Doors could have been!

Arcade Fire – Funeral
I had to stick a fairly modern band in and this is my favourite album of the last decade. They have a great sound and the album has beautiful production and flows so well as a collection of songs.

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