Thursday, 15 November 2012

Busker One!

In 2011 Busker One set themselves the incredible task of recording an acoustic version of every UK No 1 for an entire matter what the song was. The band consist of Catherine and Tom. As well as recording covers the band also recorded a a excellent Demo EP of their own material that is still available as a free download.

Who are Busker One and where you from? 
Busker One is a folk/pop acoustic duo from Manchester.

Can you give us a brief history of the band? 
Myself and Tom have been working together in bands since College so over 6 or 7 years now, we decided when we got back from Uni to form a duo and start writing our favourite kind of Music!

Do you write your own stuff as well as covers? 
Yes we do and this can be heard at bandcamp we are always writing new stuff!

Anywhere else we can find your music? 
As above and at www

What's the biggest gig your played so far? And what's the best? 
Manchester City Stadium to 46,000 people! That was immense! We took part in a competition called City sound and that has to be the best experience ever!

What's your favourite song to cover? 
Our favourite song to cover might have to be Oasis - don't look back in anger as we do it in a jazzy style quite different from the original and it gets people up every time! 

Are there any songs you would like to cover but haven't? 
Yes loads! We restricted ourselves at first to just doing the No1's so sometimes there were awesome covers in the Top 10 we had to leave! We would have loved to have covered 'Love On Top' by Beyonce!

When can we see Busker One live? 
This Saturday at The Robin Hood

Where can we find Busker One's music?  

What's next for busker one? 
We are currently writing new stuff and hope to have an album out next spring, we want to do a mini tour of this as well! 

Every Number 1 from 2011.....


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