Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tom Hingley

Tom Hingley is the former lead singer with Manchester band 'Inspiral Carpets' The band are often credited along with, The Stone Roses & Happy Mondays as starting the Madchester scene. Tom has recently written 'Carpet Burns' his account of his life with the band. Tom continues to perform as a solo artist and with his band 'The Lovers' Most recently they have toured 'Inspiral Carpets' album 'Beast Inside' 

Your book 'Carrpet Burns' has been very well received, did you feel it was time to tell your story?

I have always wanted to write a book so it was a good way to start, thanks for the praise!

Carpet Burns - The Trailer........


How easy was it to write the book and remember back to the early days of the band?

If was fun, not easy but I have a really good memory so it wasn't hard to recount the early days of the band.

Do you have plans for any more books or is this a one off?

There will be more books but I cant tell you what they will be about just yet.

You've been touring the Inspirals Album 'Beast Inside' was there a reason for choosing that album?

We performed the album because I love it and I wanted to reclaim it for the 21st Century.

How much have you enjoy playing the album live?

You can see the pleasure at playing it etched on my face in the YouTube videos and the audience reaction. 

Have you any plans to tour any of the other Inspirals albums or is this a one off?

No plans at the moment, I have a baby on the way at Christmas, I am focused on that at present.

What's your favourite song that you have written?

'Goodbye To The Lord Of My Life' from the album 'Keep Britain Untidy' released in 1999

What music have you been listening to recently?

Arcade Fire, Band Of Horses and the Manchester band The Minx

Have you any live dates coming up?

Yes, check the GIG section of my website for latest dates. I am also playing at the Carter USM after shows at Leeds Academy November 9th and Brixton Jamm November 10th

Do you have plans to release new material?

Yes but its a work in progress! 

Carpet Burns is available now, to find out move check out:
Carpet Burns Website  

You can also find Tom at:

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