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Moose Patrol

Moose Patrol are making a name for themselves and having already played a number of gigs, they are building up a strong fan base over Greater Manchester. You maybe surprised to find out that Adam,Conner and Adam have only just finished school. The band recently played as part of Bury music festival 'Glaston-Bury' and followed this up with an appearance at Rochdale's 'Feel Good Festival' in front of a home town crowd. 
Who is in the band?
Adam Lee on Drums and backing vox, Conner Hanmer on Bass and backing vox, Adam Bostock on Guitar and lead vox
How long have you been together?
We have been together as a band for two years, though it is only in the last ten months that we have seriously started to work, getting gigs, recording etc.
Where does the name come from?
Ahh the age old question J it’s a bit of a funny story but, when he was younger Adam Bostock was attacked by a wild Moose whilst in a car. When we became friends in school, he had this weird phobia about mooses, so we (Adam Lee and Conner) would pretend to always be on the lookout for them, like patrolling around to make sure he was not going to be attacked again. The name for the band was an obvious choice for us really…
Who writes the songs in the band?
We all write the songs together. One of us will come up with a riff or bass line, drum pattern or such like. Suddenly the light will go on and we will start jamming it, and the songs kind of develop from there. We each keep books with lyrics and ideas in and the whole thing just sort of grows and fits together.
You've had some pretty good gigs already, how have people reacted to your music?
Yeah we have been lucky enough to get some brilliant gigs for such a young band! The support we get behind the scenes really helps with this! Plus other bands we have played on the same bill as or that we just know have been very helpful in getting gigs. The response we get from our audiences is usually very positive! We get quite a few people coming up to us after a show telling us how much they liked the set or particular songs. The reaction from other more experienced musicians has also been great; they generally can’t believe that we are all only 16. We always see an increase in our online following after gigs, which means people liked us enough to check us out further.
What can we expect from 'Moose Patrol' live?
What we hope to achieve with the Live Moose Patrol experience is that the audience will leave having had a good time! We love performing and try to put lots of energy and fun into it, which we hope the audience picks up on and comes along with us for the ride. Good music helps as we reach for a state of epicness J
 You are all due to start college, what affect will that have on the band?
Well after our first week in college we have realised that it is a lot more tiring than school! But on the other hand the opportunity to mix with new people, new musicians and tutors is already showing us things we had not thought about regarding our music. We just need to be a bit more organised with our time to make sure we stay on top of college work, but at the same time move the band forward. We think the new opportunities college will give us outweighs any negative aspects that might arise.
What music has been an influence on the band?
We are each influenced by different artists whom we all bring to the band. This gives us a wider range of ideas to bring to the table.
Adam Lee: Dance drum tracks, Pulled apart by Horses, Smashing Pumpkins and Joy Formidable
Conner Hanmer: Nirvana, Pixies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers to name a few…
Adam Bostock: I listen to a lot of popular current music, oh and Nine Inch Nails!
How good was it to open the 'Feel Good Festival' in your home town?
It was simply amazing! We won the chance through an online vote in which we scored over 50% of the total vote, thanks to our engaged followers! We stood on the stage as we got to the festival and looked out at a massive area that was, at that time, empty, and thought OMG this is going to be freaky; we turned around and saw Martha Reeves walking over to us! The set itself was one of the best we have played, the reaction from the audience was magic to see, oh and the sun was out for a change. Ranking Roger from The Beat actually came over to us to chat about Rochdale, and he gave us some fantastic advice. Everyone we met backstage was really nice, and the whole experience gave us a taste of what could be if we work hard and get lucky.
Have you got any gigs booked in the next few months?
Yeah the diary is filling up with gigs over the next few months:
7th September – Back Door Project – Rochdale
8th September – Sudden Social Club – Castleton
9th September – Headlining Cherry Valentine Promotions All Day Rockathon at the Bay Horse in Manchester’s Northern Quarter
21st September – The Cresecnt, Salford as part of The Salford Music Festival
28th September – Supporting the recently signed The Rubys at the launch of their new Single at the Night and Day Café Manchester, along with Northern Adult.
30th September - Live and Loud at Retro Bar Manchester
20th October – The Horse and Farrier – Norden
24th November – The Fiddlers Arms – Cleethorpes.
Quite busy, but we will squeeze a few more in, if we can get them!
What's next for the band?
Our aim for the time being is to keep growing our fanbase, primarily by getting out and gigging as often as we can. We hope to be able to work with more established artists and play supporting gigs for bigger bands. We will be recording new material when the opportunity arises (hopefully before the end of this year). Next year we are wanting to get a few more festival gigs, we have been bitten by the festival bug J
We are also really looking forward to opening for The Rubys at the launch event of their new single at the Night & Day Café Manchester. The Rubys are a fantastic bunch of guys who have been really supportive of us, and we wish them the very best and thank them for their help.
A free download of our track Far Away is also available on our Reverbnation page and at
You can find out more and keep uptodate with the band at:

Moose Patrol's music is also available to purchase or stream on various sites including Itunes, Amazon, Amazing Radio.

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